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Excursions to Minsk and Belarus

For You to have the most cognitive and exciting holiday, we’ve collected the most interesting sights in Belarus, that will help You to enjoy its rich history and dense modern life fully. Vivid impressions, knowledgeable guides and also gifts, prepared by our company, are a guarantee for our guests. Choose our excursions in Belarus and Minsk.

The capital with almost a thousand years of history, which will be of great interest for everyone

Excursions to the most advanced enterprises of the Republic

UNESCO World Heritage Sites of 16th century. The main sights of Belarus

The memorial complex, dedicated to the village, that was burned with its residents during the Great Patriotic War

A fascinating excursion-animation about the culture and life of the Belarusian people with tasting of traditional products

The Western gates of Belarus. A city with a glorious thousand-year-old history, known for the heroic defense of the Brest fortress

The museum complex dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War

The cultural capital of Belarus. The favorite city of the knyazes (dukes)

One of the most beautiful cities in Belarus. The capital of "Slavianski Bazaar" (the International Festival of Arts) and the birthplace of artist Marc Chagall.

The capital of the first state on the Belarusian lands, the oldest city of Belarus and the Eastern Slavs.

Acquaintance with the Medieval Belarus. Lida is a city where one of the first stone castles of Belarus was preserved.

One of the most interesting tourism routes in Belarus. Acquaintance with the history and culture of Vilna region.