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Excursion to Zaslawye — Stalin Line

Excursion to Zaslawye

— Stalin Line

Why should You visit it?

The historical and cultural complex “Stalin Line” is an open-air Museum, which tells the story of the largest defensive structures in the former Soviet Union. The length – from the Karelian Isthmus to the Black sea, 23 fortified areas, 4 of which were on the territory of Belarus. During our excursion You will learn the history of this line of fortifications, You will also be able to go down to the preserved fortified emplacements, get acquainted with their mechanism, and walk through the real trenches. Guides dressed in the uniform of the war years create a unique atmosphere that allows you to feel the spirit of wartime. On the territory of the complex there is military equipment both of the Great Patriotic War and more modern models. In the cafes, which are located on the territory of the complex, you can try a real soldier’s porridge or drink a 100-gram daily ration of vodka.
And thrill-seekers can try themselves as real soldiers of those times and make a few shots from the weapons and even take a ride on a real tank!
 Zaslawye is one of the oldest cities in Belarus, the history of which is closely connected with the history of Medieval Russia, because the city was founded by the famous Duke of Kiev Vladimir the Great for his son Izyaslav – the son of the legendary Princess of Polotsk Ragneda. Every Belarusian schoolboy knows the name of this Princess, as well as the legend of her sad fate. During the excursion You will see the construction of the Central square of Zaslawye, as well as two archaeological monuments: The settlement “Zamechek” — the original location of the city and the ancient settlement “Val” — the place where the city was situated since the XVI century

Детали экскурсии

Длительность - 4 h
Протяженность - 50 км
Гид - ответственный и эрудированный, который ответит на все Ваши вопросы
Язык проведения экскурсии - any
Тип экскурсии - By car/on foot
Программа и цена экскурсий может отличаться в зависимости от дня поездки

Отличие сборных/групповых экскурсий от индивидуальных

  Сборные Индивидуальные
Место начала экскурсии Фиксированное Любое удобное для Вас
Программа экскурсии Фиксированная Может меняться
Количество туристов Более 20 человек Только Ваша группа
Транспорт Автобус Легковое авто или микроавтобус
Экскурсовод Работает для всех Работает только для Вашей группы
Место завершения экскурсии Фиксированное Любое удобное для Вас
Стоимость Дешевле Дороже