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Excursion to the Mir and the Nesvizh castles

Excursion to the Mir and

the Nesvizh castles

What You are to see:

  • The Nesvizh castle is the ancestral home of the Radziwill magnates, built in 1583. Since 2005, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. After a large-scale restoration carried out in the 2000s, the Nesvizh Palace will appear before You in all its glory
  • The Catholic church of the God’s Body is the second baroque temple in the world, a monument of architecture of the XVI century. In the crypt of the Church is the family tomb of the knyazes (dukes) of Radziwill, the third largest in Eastern Europe
  • Nesvizh Town Hall is a symbol of the city government of Nesvizh, built in the late XVI century. It is the oldest in the territory of Belarus
  • The Mir Castle is a private castle of defense type, built in the 20s of the XVI century. For two centuries it belonged to the powerful Radziwill magnates. Since 2000 it is a cultural property on the UNESCO list
  • The chapel-tomb of the Svyatopolk-Mirsky family was built at the beginning of the 20th century and is the resting place of the last owners of the Mir Castle – the magnate family of Svyatopolk-Mirsky
  • The Castle lake – according to one of the many legends associated with the Mir Castle, this lake is considered to be cursed

Excursion to the Mir and the Nesvizh castles is a fascinating journey into the world of the Middle Ages, immersion in the history of Belarus. You will get acquainted with the Radziwill magnates  — the richest family in the territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, whose history is closely intertwined with the history of Belarus, Poland and Lithuania. The castles of Mir and Nesvizh have long been one of their main residences

Tour details:

Duration - 9 h
Distance - 260 km
The guide - a responsible and knowledgeable person, who will answer all Your questions
Tour language - any
Excursion variation - By car/on foot

Types of excursions:

Starting point of the excursionFixedWhich is convenient for you
Excursion programFixedChangeable
Number of touristsMore than 20 peopleOnly Your group
TransportBusPassenger car or minibus
GuideWorks for everyoneWorks only for Your group
Finishing point of the excursionFixedWhich is convenient for you