Tourism Belarus: excursion to Polotsk from Minsk by tour operator

Excursion to Polotsk

Excursion to Polotsk

What You are to see:

  • Savior-Euphrosyne convent is the oldest Orthodox monastery in Belarus, founded in the XII century by Euphrosyne of Polotsk – the patron Saint of the Belarusian people. In the monastery You can see the relics of St. Euphrosyne, as well as a copy of the miraculous cross of Euphrosyne of Polotsk
  • Transfiguration Church is one of the churches of the St. Euphrosine monastery, the oldest stone building in Belarus
  • Saint Sophia Cathedral is one of the three Old Russian St. Sophia Cathedrals, was built in the XI century. After the reconstruction in the XVIII century, it was heavily modified. One of the most beautiful churches in Belarus
  • The monument to Euphrosyne of Polotsk is installed in the city center, St. Euphosyne is the first woman canonized in the Orthodox Church
  • The Epiphany Church and the Museum of the Belarusian Book-printing – the complex of the monastery and the temple built in the XVIII century, the monastery buildings house a museum dedicated to book-printing in Belarus
  • The monument to Francisk Skorina – the first book printer of Belarus, born in the city of Polotsk Not far from the monument is the former Epiphany Church with a Museum dedicated to book-printing in Belarus

“The world begun from Polotsk”… Excursion to Polotsk is an excursion to the city-patriarch, the oldest city in the country, its first mention dates back to the year 862. The Northern capital of Belarus. First state – the Principality of Polotsk – is the cradle of the Belarusian statehood. The city stretches on the banks of the Western Dvina river, at the confluence of the river Polota, after which the city was named.

Tour details:

Duration - 12 hours
Distance - 560 km
The guide - a responsible and knowledgeable person, who will answer all Your questions
Tour language - any
Excursion variation - By car/on foot

Types of excursions:

Starting point of the excursionFixedWhich is convenient for you
Excursion programFixedChangeable
Number of touristsMore than 20 peopleOnly Your group
TransportBusPassenger car or minibus
GuideWorks for everyoneWorks only for Your group
Finishing point of the excursionFixedWhich is convenient for you