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Excursion to Lida-Novogrudok

Lida-Novogrudok excursion

What You are to see:

  • Let’s start our excursion “Lida-Novogrudok” with acquaintance with The first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a city of great historical importance for the Belarusian people. Here are situated the ruins of Novogrudok castle – the first grand-ducal castle in Belarus, which was built of stone and brick in the XIII century. A beautiful view of the surrounding areas opens up from the castle hill
  • At the foot of the mountain is situated the Transfiguration Roman Catholic Church, which was founded by the Grand Duke Vytautas. In this Church the Polish king Wladyslaw II Jagiello was married. The bride of the king was the niece of Vitovt – Sofia of Halshany, which marked the beginning of the Jagiellonian dynasty that ruled Poland, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Czech Republic for the next 200 years. Also the terraced houses of the city center are very interesting, over which bristle atop the majestic churches and churches built in the period from XIV to XVIII centuries. The fate of one of the most famous Belarusian and Polish romantic writers of the XIX century Adam Mickiewicz is connected with Novogrudok
  • And then we travel to Lida, where a restored castle of the XIV century, the castle of the Grand Duke Gediminas, is situated. After the wedding in Novogrudok, king Jagiello came here with his young wife Sophia. We will visit the Museum exposition, climb to the battle galleries, that offer a wonderful view of the castle lake. In addition to the castle, You will find interesting the Catholic Church of Exaltation of the Cross of the XVIII century and the Orthodox Church of of St. Michael the Archangel, which was a Catholic monastery Church until the middle of the XIX century.


Детали экскурсии

Длительность - 9 hours
Протяженность - 400 км
Гид - ответственный и эрудированный, который ответит на все Ваши вопросы
Язык проведения экскурсии - any
Тип экскурсии - By car/on foot
Программа и цена экскурсий может отличаться в зависимости от дня поездки

Отличие сборных/групповых экскурсий от индивидуальных

  Сборные Индивидуальные
Место начала экскурсии Фиксированное Любое удобное для Вас
Программа экскурсии Фиксированная Может меняться
Количество туристов Более 20 человек Только Ваша группа
Транспорт Автобус Легковое авто или микроавтобус
Экскурсовод Работает для всех Работает только для Вашей группы
Место завершения экскурсии Фиксированное Любое удобное для Вас
Стоимость Дешевле Дороже