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Excursion “Belarusian Mosaic”

Belarusian mosaic

  • Our excursion “Belarusian mosaic” will start with an introduction to the Old-Vilna gostinec – one of the oldest roads in Belarus, which connected Minsk with the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania – Vilna, modern Vilnus. Our first stop will be in the village of Zalesye, where the manor, owned by the famous composer, statesman of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Russian Empire Michal Kleofas Oginsky is situated. To the sounds of the most famous work of Michal Kleofas, Polonaise “Farewell to the Homeland”, You will learn about the fate and life of its author
  • Further the excursion takes us to the former town of Soly, where You will have a chance to get aquainted with the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ruzhenсevoj (XX century), were not only on religious but also on historical themes frescoes were preserved
  • Our next stop is the city of Ostrovets, the capital of the Belarusian nuclear industry.The Belarusian nuclear power plant is being built 18 km from the city, and in there is also the Catholic Church of Sts. Cosmas and Damian (mid-XVIII century), which icons of XVIII-XIX centuries were preserved, both Western and Eastern scripts.
  • And at the end of our excursion “Belarusian mosaic” we will visit one of the most beautiful Catholic churches in Belarus – Trinity Church in Gervyaty village. In addition to the striking appearance of the temple itself, the nearby territory is also surprising, which is a real work of landscape art. We finish our excursion by listening to organ music, which we can hear in the walls of the Church

Tour details:

Duration - 9 hours
Distance - 400 km
The guide - a responsible and knowledgeable person, who will answer all Your questions
Tour language - any
Excursion variation - By car/on foot

Types of excursions:

Starting point of the excursionFixedWhich is convenient for you
Excursion programFixedChangeable
Number of touristsMore than 20 peopleOnly Your group
TransportBusPassenger car or minibus
GuideWorks for everyoneWorks only for Your group
Finishing point of the excursionFixedWhich is convenient for you