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“Evening Minsk” excursion

“Evening Minsk” excursion

What You are to see:

  • Independence Avenue – the main city highway, where You will see the ensembles of the magnificent city squares, a monument of architecture of the postwar period
  • Victors Avenue – this was the first street of postwar Minsk, and now it is one of the most modern avenues of the city.
  • Independence square — the main administrative square of the city, which houses the Church of Saints Simeon and Helena, which has long been one of the hallmarks of Minsk, and a monument to the style of constructivism – the Government House, built virtually by hand in the mid-30s of the last century
  • Freedom square – one of the oldest squares in Minsk, which houses the Town Hall, the former monastic buildings and churches, the main cathedrals of the city – the Orthodox Holy Spirit Cathedral and the Catholic Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary, will revive the history of the city from the first mention in the chronicles to the present day
  • Minsk-Arena is the largest sports ground of the Republic of Belarus, the venue of the ice hockey world Championship in 2014
  • The national library is perhaps the most unique and unusual sight in Minsk
  • The Island of Courage and Grief is a very touching memorial complex dedicated to the Belarusian soldiers lost in 1979-1989 years in Afghanistan
  • Trinity suburb is a quiet and cozy place with the atmosphere of the city of the XIX century. Numerous cafes and souvenir shops are situated there.

Minsk is the main city of the Republic of Belarus, that is given the honorary title of hero city. It took more than 950 years to make such a long way from the frontier fortress to the capital of a sovereign state. Despite the enormous damage during the Great Patriotic War, when more than 80 percent of Minsk was destroyed, the city was reborn and today it continues to write its history

Tour details:

Duration - 3 hours
Distance - 60 km km
The guide - a responsible and knowledgeable person, who will answer all Your questions
Tour language - any
Excursion variation - By car/on foot

Types of excursions:

Starting point of the excursionFixedAny convenient for You
Excursion programFixedChangeable
Number of touristsMore than 20 peopleOnly Your group
TransportBusPassenger car or minibus
GuideWorks for everyoneWorks only for Your group
Finishing point of the excursionFixedAny convenient for You