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We present You the most interesting excursions to Minsk, which will allow. You to learn the city fully: Sightseeing excursion, evening Minsk, Military Minsk and Evening Minsk.

Minsk is the capital of our Republic, the history of which is almost millennia-old. Whatever excursion You choose, immersion in the history of the old and modern city is guaranteed.

Besides, if You are interested in discovering the history of Minsk in more details, You can go to an excursion on foot the, which includes a walk through the Upper town, Trinity Suburb and Trinity Hill. In case You would like to add Independence Square or Victory Park to Your walking route, You will be provided with a bicycle or a Segway.

Three-hour long car/walking excursion to the most significant sights of the city.

An excursion, which will allow you to see Minsk in light of lanterns and illumination. Learn the history of the capital and its present

Two-hour long excursion to the Old City. Evening tour

Excursion that touches upon all the places in the city, that are associated with the Great Patriotic War